Greetings! Welcome to the “Kim Dae-jung Peace Forum 2023.”
The world is in a despairing state today due to environmental pollution, climate crises, U.S.-China rivalry, Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, and competition in cutting-edge science and technology such as artificial intelligence.

Jeollanam-do Province and Kim Dae-jung Peace Center established the “Kim Dae-jung Peace Forum” in 2021 to help resolve these crises faced by humanity and the earth. However, two years later, the crises faced by humanity and the earth are not being resolved but are heading down a more dangerous path of catastrophe.

Environmental pollution is worsening, and the temperature continues to rise. Glaciers are melting, floods are occurring in various parts of the world, cold waves are coming upon, and massive wildfires are causing a lot of damage. Not only direct damage but also a food crisis is approaching due to these disasters.

The confrontations in military, science, technology, and economy between the US and China are intensifying, threatening military security and causing economic pains not just to the two countries, but to all countries in the world. The war of aggression by Russia is also heating up, causing concerns that this may escalate into a nuclear war or a third world war.

Moreover, the competition in cutting-edge science and technology is not bringing happiness to humanity but is making humans dependent on science and technology, causing more significant dangers and pains militarily and economically. Experts predict that AI’s domination over human could become a reality, leading to calls for restrictions on the competition of AI technology.

In particular, this complex crisis of humanity and the earth is threatening the survival and peace of the Korean Peninsula surrounded by superpowers such as the United States, China, Japan, and Russia, and intensifying the hostile conflict between the two Koreas.

Nowadays, humanity, unlike in the past, is living in one global village. If the situation continues, it is clear that not only weak and poor countries but also powerful and rich countries could eventually be sacrificed, leading to the fall of humanity and the earth. Experts warn that there is not much time left for the survival of humanity and the earth.

Therefore, humanity must awaken, break away from the greedy civilization of infinite conquest and possession, and restore the value of the humane mind and spirit. We must start a new life of civilization in the form of a living community, where nature and humans coexist based on the realization that nature and humans are organic beings of intertwined life.

Especially if the Korean community does not want to become a victim of this global and complex crisis, the South and the North must open a new path of dialogue and cooperation for co-existence and win-win.

Starting from this problem awareness and sense of responsibility, the Kim Dae-jung Peace Forum has set the theme for 2023 as "Global Responsibility and Global Peace," inviting renowned experts in various fields who are working to solve the problems of humanity and the planetary crisis from all over the world to Jeollanam-do, a place where the spirit of Kim Dae-jung is alive and breathing, to hold an academic conference to gather wisdom and form solidarity.

Realizing global peace with a global sense of responsibility is not something that a specific expert or group can do, but it should start from "me." We look forward to your active participation.

August 2023

Kim Young-rok, Governor of Jeollanam-do Province
Kim Sung-jae, Executive Director Kim Dae-jung Peace Center
Co-Chairs, Kim Dae-jung Peace Forum
Governor Kim Young-rok of Jeollanam-do Province
Executive Director Kim Sung-jae of Kim Dae-jung Peace Center,