• Background and Purpose of “Kim Dae Jung Peace Forum”
    The Kim Dae Jung Peace Forum is an international forum founded in 2021 to honor Kim Dae-jung, the 15th President of Republic of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 2000. The Forum is organized by the Kim Dae-jung Peace Center and hosted jointly by the Jeollanam-do Province, Mokpo City, and Shinan-gun County, the political homeland of the late President.

    The Kim Dae Jung Peace Forum was founded to honor the noble vision of democracy, human rights, forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace that President Kim Dae-jung had dedicated and practiced throughout his life. The forum also seeks to share his philosophy, thoughts, achievements, and contributions with the world, and to contribute to peace and happiness for all people by overcoming the crises facing humanity and the planet.

    President Kim Dae-jung was a leader who emphasized the dignity and solidarity among people, as well as mutual benefits and coexistence. He always longed for peace centered on universal human values and wanted to achieve universal peace based on forgiveness and reconciliation. Regarding the Korean issue, he put the peace on the Korean Peninsula in the broad context of world peace, overcoming the parochial sense of peace confined only to Korean fate.

    Today, we live in the most developed state of civilization, but humanity is hardly happy. The Earth is groaning deeply due to the continued destruction of nature inflicted by the human species. A countless number of people are being victimized by "man-made disasters" such as climate change, diseases, pollutions caused by plastic waste, poverty, and war.

    The Kim Dae Jung Peace Forum will walk into the pains suffered by humanity and the Earth, and share the message of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace of Kim Dae-jung through the proposition of discourses, visions, and different ideas for the restoration and peace of humanity and the Earth. The forum will also bloom the flowers of life-ness and hope.

    Finally, the Kim Dae Jung Peace Forum will be a valuable opportunity for people from all over Korea, including the people of Jeolla-do, to learn about Kim Dae-jung's legacy and to discuss ways to promote peace and happiness. The forum will also help people to develop a global worldview and to think of humanity as a whole, rather than as separate countries or cultures.

The Tasks of the Kim Dae-jung Peace Conference

  • 01. Climate and Public Health Crisis
    Explore our roles from the global perspective by building a platform to gather individual attention and promote cooperation with an aim of addressing the climate and public health crisis faced by humanity
  • 02. The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of Humanity
    Bring hope and peace for socio-economic changes with technology innovation brought by the 4th industrial revolution stemming from advancement of science and technology
  • 03. New Cold War and Global Peace
    Look into the geopolitical military and security crisis that threat the global peace, study the impact of the international landscape and the dynamics of different interests on us, and discuss how to engage in peaceful cooperation and expand solidarity to overcome the impact.
  • 04. Peace on the Korean Peninsula
    Put the rapidly changing international landscape and complex crises into perspectives of the Korean Peninsula and the surrounding countries, and find solutions to drive peace on the Korean Peninsula based on the Kim Dae-jung spirit.